Frequently Asked Question
Drivers are available 24/7 365 days a year. You can request ahead of time by scheduling your request in our app.
The number of items is dependent on the capacity of the vehicle you request. If it can’t all fit into one vehicle, you'll need to request another Crowd Car to make sure all your items get moved.
The price depends on the size of the items and the vehicle of choice, along with the amount of kilometers driven between pick-up and drop-off. Try out our simple 5 step process to get a free quote!
Crowd Car is a 24/7 Crowd Sourced On-Demand delivery & errand service connecting you with vetted drivers available to fulfill any request within city limits.
Yes of course! The driver will pickup and drop off your items right where you want them placed - stairs or not!
All of the drivers have moving blankets and other material to ensure the safety of your items.
You can edit your delivery by going to your requests in the app and site. We allow you to update the time, date or details of the delivery before it has begun.
Your delivery will arrive by or before the deadline you have chosen within our app or site.
Not if it's a store purchase, just take a picture of the receipt with your delivery request or picture message it to the driver through our app.
We currently do not have anything in place to accommodate for multiple pickups. Each pickup would need to be an individual delivery. We are working on this for future updates.
Yes we can, the sky is the limit! When you post a request, just set the pickup and drop off at the same locations and a driver will arrive to help with whatever you need. Make sure to be descriptive in the details and with promise of a tip at the completion of your request, which of course can be processed through our app and site!
We are currently live in the province of Alberta and will be expanding to the rest of Canada, city by city!
All payment is done through our app and site. We verify your credit card when you request a delivery and payment is processed once we fulfill the request. We accept all major credit cards!
Once you’re delivery is complete, you’ll be prompted to leave a review and optional tip in the app and then we’ll charge your credit card that's associated with your account.
If the driver is already en route, you will be charged 50% of the delivery quote as a cancellation fee.
This is not a booking fee, it’s simply a pre-authorization fee in order to verify your bank account is valid and funds are available. Each time you tap “request delivery” we run a pre-auth charge, funds will never leave your bank for this and the charge will disappear from your statement.
Scheduling will be the first screen you see once you open our app or login to an account on our site.
You’ll receive a push notification from our app as soon as the driver has begun your delivery!
Of course! Once you schedule your first delivery, you can go ahead and schedule as many that meet your needs. They can be at the same time or weeks apart!
Tipping is entirely optional. If you want to reward your driver for a job well done, you'll have the opportunity to do so in our app, right after your request is completed.
Once your delivery has a driver and they are en route, you will have the ability to message the driver directly about any details or concerns. If you need to work out any details ahead of time, please edit your delivery in the app directly before hand.
A driver is only required to physically move the item(s) from point A to point B. Delivery items should be properly packed and put together before the driver arrives for transportation.
Yes, fortunately we are able to move large appliances as the driver will have the proper equipment to move them.
Unfortunately, at this time we are not equipped to move such a delicate piece of furniture.
Currently we do not authorize ridesharing on our system.
Yes! Please send us an email at for a copy of our insurance certificate that you can provide for your building.
Yes, this feature is available for business accounts. Coming Soon!
Yes. Crowd Car insures your items with up to $5,000 coverage for items being delivered by bicycle, car, SUV and truck. $25,000 for cargo vans and cube vans.
When a delivery driver places the items in a safe and suitable place at the delivery address. It should be placed somewhere sheltered from weather and cannot be seen by passers-by, such as inside a porch, inside a storm door or a designated safe drop area instructed by the user or building.
Yes! You can set an estimated expense limit and describe your purchase for the driver. During the fulfillment of your request the driver will upload a picture of the receipt and amount spent which will be charged upon completion, plus 5%.
Yes! Just be as descriptive as possible with your instructions for the driver to fulfill your request accordingly.
Yes! The option is available under Profile and Payment Details.
Almost anything. We have delivered everything from Food to Furniture and Flowers or Electronics, even Legal Documents! With Bikes, Cars, SUVs, Minivans, also Cargo and Cube Vans available we can take care of just about all your delivery and errand needs.
It means now or later, the choice is yours! Drivers can complete your request within an hour.
You would use Crowd Car for the same reasons you would use a ride-share or food delivery service, it's a matter of convenience!
We provide: Pick-up & drop-off photos, driver progression notifications, optional recipient signature, user & driver direct messaging, optional safe drop & driver note, insurance, expense input & receipt photo, 24/7 live support chat, optional text message updates on driver progression to the contact info attached to the request.
Crowd Car uses for all credit card transactions. Your info is secured and safe with them.
Cars can pick up deliveries with a total weight of up to 150lbs. When your deliveries weigh more than that, then you’ll have to select a SUV. SUV can take up to 350lbs.After 350lbs you’ll need a minivan. MiniVan can take up to 1000lbs. After that you ll need one of our cube vans which can take up to 8000lbs or 8 skids
Yes. We are open 365 days a year.
Yes. We can leave packages in mailboxes, side doors, inside the garage, or anywhere you direct us to in the notes section. You must give us the OK and we will follow instructions. Please keep in mind, if you give us the OK to leave without a signature and the items goes missing, we are not responsible
We do not deliver to PO boxes.