Drivers are available 24/7 365 days a year. You can request ahead of time by scheduling your delivery in our app.

Yes of course! The driver will pickup and drop off your items right where you want them placed - stairs or not!

Its as many of whatever items can fit into the vehicle of choice. If it can’t all fit into one vehicle, you'll need to request another Crowd Car to make sure all your items get moved.

All of the drivers have moving blankets and other material to ensure the safety of your items.

The price depends on the vehicle of choice and kilometers driven between pick-up and drop-off.

You can edit your delivery by going to your scheduled delivery in the app. We allow you to update the time, date or details of the delivery before it has begun.

Crowd Car instantly connects you to a driver. Request a Crowd Car to send or receive anything with a push of a button.

Your delivery will arrive in the time you choose in the app.

Not If it's a store purchase, just take a picture of the receipt with your delivery request for the driver.

We currently do not have anything in place to accommodate for multiple pickups. Each pickup would need to be an individual delivery.

Yes, we can! When you request just set the pickup and drop off as the same locations and a driver will arrive to move whatever you need.

We are currently live in the province of Alberta

All payment is done in the app. We verify your credit card when you request a delivery, and payment is processed once we fulfill the request

Once you’re delivery is complete, you’ll be prompted to leave a review and optional tip in the app and we’ll then charge your credit card that's associated with your account.

We’ll only charge you once the delivery is completed or 50% of the delivery fee if the driver is already on his way.

This is not a booking fee, it’s simply a pre-authorization fee in order to verify your bank account is valid and funds are available. Each time you tap “request delivery” we run a pre-auth charge, funds will never leave your bank for this and the charge will disappear from your statement.

Scheduling will be the first screen you see, after you’ve selected “request delivery” from the home screen.

You’ll receive a push notification from our app as soon as the driver has begun your delivery!

Of course! Once you schedule your first delivery, you can go ahead and schedule as many that meet your needs. They can be at the same time or weeks apart!

Tipping is entirely optional, but if you want to reward your driver for a job well done you'll have the opportunity to do so in our app, right after your delivery is completed.

Once the driver is chosen for your delivery & en route, you have the ability to text the driver directly about any details or logistics. If you need to work out any details ahead of time, please edit your delivery in the app directly before hand.

A driver is only required to physically move the item from point A to point B. drivers expect the item to be appropriately packed or put together beforehand.

Yes fortunately we are able to move large appliances as the driver will have the proper equipment to move them.

Unfortunately, at this time we are not equipped to move such a delicate piece of furniture.

Currently we do not authorize ridesharing on our system.

Yes! Please send us an email at for a copy of our insurance certificate that you can provide for your building.