How it Works

Post a Request & Pay - All Under One Application

Crowd Car is an on-demand crowdsourced delivery platform that connects users in need of a delivery service with independently contracted drivers. The app is available through the App Store, Google Play Store and desktop website platform. Crowd Car provides a triple AAA on-demand service delivering Anything like food, furniture or flowers and electronics, even legal documents. Available 24/7, post requests in the Crowd Car app or online Anytime. Send or receive whatever you need now or next week by scheduling a request Anywhere within city limits!


  • You can request drivers to run your errands and make purchases on your behalf. For example, post a request to have a driver buy you a dozen eggs or pick up your dry cleaning, then select an estimated expense amount within the $100 limit.
  • Crowd Car is capable of completing your request within an hour: It wouldn't be On-Demand if it couldn't be done when you want it!
  • Credit Card information and payments are secured and facilitated by Stripe.
  • Regular and media messaging is available between the user and driver for the duration of the request: For example, if the driver needs a copy of a receipt to pick up an item on the user's behalf, the user is capable of sending a picture of it through the Crowd Car app.
  • Once a driver has taken on your request, you'll be kept in the loop with its progress until completion.
  • Live chat with a Crowd Car representative is available through both our app and website to answer questions and assist with current and future delivery requests.
  • Don't worry about posting your first request, we'll walk you through our simple 5 step process.
  • You can now edit your already posted request to update your driver on the date, time and details.
  • Get a free quote by coming to see what it's like to send or receive whatever you need or make it a reality and post the request.
  • Add multiple credit cards and switch between them as you please.
  • Attach multiple contacts to a delivery to keep them in the loop with its progress especially if they are the expecting recipients.
  • At the end of each completed request is the option to tip and rate your driver for outstanding service.
  • Drivers will receive a comprehensive financial breakdown of each delivery they've completed.
  • Drivers automatically make a 5% spending fee of the total delivery expenses they've incurred on behalf of the user per request.
  • Drivers can now take on multiple requests at time with the ability to pause and proceed as they wish allowing them to optimize their own schedule to complete requests.
  • Drivers are automatically compensated every 7-10 days through direct deposit facilitated by stripe. Taking on and completing user requests every day could result in the 7-10 days to rollover one another and possibly pay out the driver daily.
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  • Coming soon.